VIP Corvette was established in May 1990 in the Pittsburgh area of PA. We, at that time, had 31 years of Corvette heavy collision, restorations, award winning custom painting, and part sales. In 1990 we decided to go national with the parts business. Within a few months business was so good that we decided to close the body and paint shop to focus 100% on the mail order business. Now we have offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Myrtle Beach, SC, and warehouses in PA, MD, and FL.  We’ve grown, but we’ll never out grow our britches. We’ll never forget why we started this business and that was so we could make buying parts and restoring Corvettes a lot more affordable and fun … and we succeeded. Some of our prices have not changed in 10 years. 
VIP Corvette, we don’t sell parts at the going price like all the others. We sell parts at VIP prices. Actually we call it “AMPS” (Absolute Minimum Price System). We originated “AMPS” along with the TEN/ 20 Interior Package and the TEN /20 Front End Package. These packages are very helpful when restoring your interior or replacing a front end. We also originated the very popular 56-75 Convertible Top Kits. And now, we've created a whole new concept for purchasing parts that you'll see on our price quotes page. 
     We want your experience with VIP to be as enjoyable as possible. We have the largest selection of "NAME BRAND" parts and accessories, OEM or Reproduction,  than anyone else in the industry ... Guaranteed! We offer you exclusive products, complete selection, toll free fast easy ordering, prompt delivery, assistance after the sale … if needed, friendly courteous staff, and satisfaction guaranteed. Quite simply, we just try harder … and it definitely shows. We even extended our business hours to 9:00 PM eastern time to cover our customers in the western half of the United States.
      A lot of people ask how we can sell the same products as Ecklers, Mid America, Corvette America, etc. at such a low price? First … we are wholesalers. Second… the volume we sale is so much greater that it enables us to turn you on to the savings. And our parts are always the highest quality available, never seconds. You’ll see after you receive your first order. After that you’ll be hooked. And if your not completely satisfied there is never a problem returning them at
VIP. And third… is partly because we choose not to put together our own catalog. In order to sell you the highest quality parts at the lowest possible prices… we can’t.  With the selection of parts we sell, every part still available, the catalog would have to be as thick as the NYC yellow pages. Think about it, who really pays for that? You do with higher prices. And we won’t compromise  that for a catalog of that size. So we decided to CO-OP catalogs with our many manufacturers and suppliers. Their catalogs offer fine description and pictorials for you to use as a guide for your restoration project. Plus they  give you the part numbers needed so we accurately discount each item. We are also on-line with all the computerized GM dealers in North America. A valuable asset when trying to locate those discontinued and hard to find Corvette parts. Couple all this with the fact that we are patched in with many of the nations used parts distributors and recyclers, Corvette parts NEW or USED should never be a problem for you again.
      If you need Corvette Parts you have one call to make and it’s free …

We don’t want to be the world’s source for everything Corvette…we just want to be yours.

VIP Corvette, the Heartbeat  of Corvette America 

This website represents only a fraction of the parts that we sell. 
VIP sells every part available for your Corvette whether OEM or Reproduction. 
Think about it, that's alot of parts and we discount them all ... everyday!

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