C603  C6 Satin Snug Fit Car Cover ... 219.95

C604  C6 Lloyd 3 pc. Embroidered Floor Mats
          and Cargo Mat w/Logo & Corvette Lettering
... 274.95

C609  C6 Chrome Locking Valve Stem Caps ... 28.95
          (Specify Chrome or Aluminum)

C611  "Borla" Stinger II Cruiser Exhaust  ... 1239.95 E47954

C612  "B&B" Route 66 Exhaust w/Oval Tips ... 1189.95

C613  "EZ-E-Fit" Polyester Knit Nose Mask ... 164.95
          (Black, Red, Blue or Silver)
C613A  "EZ-E-Fit" Polyester Knit Mirror Covers ... 54.95
 (Black, Red, Blue or Silver)

C614  5-in-1 Protector Cover In Factory Body Colors ... 184.95

C615  "Corsa" Sport Exhaust w/4" Tips ... 1444.95 E46911

C616  Vertical Door Kit ... 1899.95
          (Bolt-On Installation Using Your Doors)

C617  Stainless Steel Intake Grill ... 74.95

C618  "Speed Lingerie" Nose Mask ... Call for Prices
          (Specify Color)

C619  "Speed Lingerie" Mirror Covers ... 164.95 pr.
          (Specify Color)

C621  Side Fender Spear & Screen Set ... 359.95

C622  Polished Billet Aluminum Grille ... 144.95

C623  Cold Air/Heat Extractor Hood ... 749.95

C624  Chrome Reproduction Wheels ... 969.95
         (18x8.5 Front - 19x10 Rear)

C625  B&B "Bullet" Hi-Po Exhaust w/Round or Oval Tips ... 1069.95E
         (Deep, Aggressive Muscle Car Sound)

C626  K&N Air Intake System ... 384.95

C627  Lingenfelter Supercharger Hi-Rise Hood ... 1159.95

C628  "C6R" Race Car Style Fender (Specify L or R) ... 369.95

C629  Carbon Fiber Exhaust Filler Panel  ... 549.95
(Installs w/Double Sided Tape)

Last Updated 5-1-09

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